References: StartDuo Ltd.


By using our solution for a Street Lighting Control System you can significantly reduce the costs of the energy for lighting and maintenance.

We can supply for you features like remote control, monitoring and managing of groups or individual lights in public spaces, parks, parking areas, as well the street lights on major or secondary streets. The command system is built around of a PLC and the field hardware can be integrated in the luminaire for the individual nodes or in the field power cabinets for the lighting groups. A SCADA software is delivered with a nice graphical user interface usually hosted on our servers. The HMI can easily reached by the operator from a mobile device for easy monitoring and configuration purposes. The software allows users to plan the lamp infrastructure, optimize the maintenance and monitor the entire lighting system. Our soulution offers a wired or wireless control, allowing the qualified staff to optimally manage the lighting of a city through any local or GPRS based TCP/IP network.



  • energy cost savings
  • reduction of operational costs
  • improved security
  • better flexibility of the whole city lighting
  • remotely switching street lights on and off
  • dimming the individual lights or group of lights if dimmable
  • better control of the city infrastructure