References: OUAI Tecuci, RomSilva Galati


We are involved in the irrigation business since 2009 when we fulfilled our first project which consisted in supplying the electrical power circuits, the MCC cabinets and complete SCADA/HMI software for the automation of 12 water pumping stations in the Nicoresti-Tecuci area. More than that a group of 5 stations belonging to the same owner can be monitored and controlled remotely from within the delivered SCADA/HMI software in a control-room.

  • Total pumps : 92
  • Power range : 45-250 kW
  • Installed power / station : more than 1 MW
  • Brand of used FDD’s and soft starters : Vacon (meantime Danfoss)


Another state-of-the-art project of us was an unmanned pumping station installed on a barge floating on the Siret river. The client’s request was a remotely controlled pumping station which will be able to pump variable volumes of irrigation water at variable time intervals without the control of the operator. The agreed and later delivered solution was an MCC cabinet controlled by our own PLC and a SCADA/HMI software. For the monitoring purposes we used a TCP over GPRS datalink.