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  • The machine proficiently processes any items sized up to ~70mm and weighing up to ~400g with close to 100% accuracy. The objects are fed rapidly from a storage bin to the wide side of the linear track, with the final highly precise count taking place on the opposite narrow end of the track. Our multipurpose system can handle a large diversity of items without need for substantial reconfiguration or tooling.
  • The system is based on the same principle as that used in a vibratory feeder but the spirals inside of the bowl feeder are in this case aligned in a spout shaped straight track. The vibrations energy and frequency can be easily changed to match the pieces to be counted. This kind of pieces line up and counting technology is nearly indifferent to the object’s shape, weight or material, making it a very good general counting solution for companies that are producing diverse profiled parts in small to medium quantities.
  • You can save floor space by eliminating the need for large devices to separate and align the objects prior to counting. Counting rates are comparable to the other systems currently on the market  providing a cost-effective counting solution. It works in automated counting and packing mode or only in plain counting manual mode whichever is required to have a good control of the production.