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The storage of bulk materials have to be inexpensive but at the same time safe, and should be easy to integrate in production processes. Production process means loading, discharging, transfering, blending, condition monitoring, etc. Bulk material handling and warehousing means almost the same equipments and installations regardless of the material itself. Of course storing limestone or cement is one story and storing grains or woodchips is another but the very basic installations are nearly the same.  A silo usually means particular a setup of :

  • Storage silos
  • Intake installations
  • Silo discharge equipment
  • Air filters
  • Screw or chain conveyors
  • Sensors for levels, temperatures, etc.
  • Pipe or belt magnets
  • Belt conveyors and elevators
  • Electrically, pneumatically or manually controlled slide gates and diverters
  • Pipework
  • Weighing devices (belts, screws, cells, etc)

More or less of all the above equipments are precisely controlled by our PLC controllers, the handling process is visualised in the SCADA/HMI and is easily controlled or monitored by the operator on a PC or a touch panel using our dedicated software for the whole process. More than that in the agriculture applications we can supply a self-service system based on RFID devices (cards, I-buttons, etc) and interfaces where a qualified truck driver or worker can safely load/discharge a specific amount of the stored material into or from the silo without being assisted by the local operator. All operations are securely logged in the software memory for later evaluation and material inventory.

The advantages of our customized and innovative solution(s) are:

  • All operations are optimized for efficient integration in production process
  • Minimum costs in handling the material to be warehoused in the silo(s)
  • Complete electrical & automation installation from one supplier at a decent price
  • All purpose reporting for general evaluation and maximum details for the running costs
  • Complete electrical and automation projects based on the client particular specifications